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Why I stopped voting Lib Dem

By Wells Journal  |  Posted: November 08, 2012

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In your recent article, 'Radio Analysis of UKIP vote', you referred to my recent interview with BBC Radio 4's Shaun Ley, where you mentioned that David Heathcoat-Amory laid the blame for his defeat "firmly at the door of UKIP".

DHA also admitted to this in his autobiography Confessions of a Eurosceptic.

I would like to stress that DHA has more recently admitted that as a Eurosceptic he would still wish to remain a member of the European Union, which is rather contrary to the title of his book and many leading conservatives, like the Educational Secretary, Michael Gove, among others and the many back benchers of the Labour and Conservative Parties, who believe Britain must leave the federalist EU.

They should be venerated for their brave stance.

Further to the BBC interview, I was contacted by Gawain Towler, press officer and spokesman for UKIP, that Nigel Farrage completely supported our GE decision to stand, and that our actions were justified, especially with DHA recent pro European Union stance. It was also mentioned in brief, that my original support for the Liberal Democrats, which I do confess I did vote for in the past but was never a member of, was cut short.

Thus on the cutting floor, the BBC failed to include that the reason I stopped voting for the Lib Dems and any other party for that matter, was because that each party seemed to think it was quite right to hand over our country's sovereignty to a foreign power.

I believe that our elected MPs do not have this right and is an act of treason. I am sure in the future this will be seen as such.

I also believe that all countries of Europe should remain sovereign and free. A federal Europe is a threat to all the free people of Europe and again the test of time will identify this.

With Europe ever closer to implosion, it is imperative that the people of Britain vote for the party they believe will get them out of this mess because before too long we too will be dragged past the point of no return and into the abyss, currently being experienced by Greece and Spain. I believe only UKIP has this answer.

If this however is not the party for you, you will need to seriously start petitioning your party to commit in their manifesto, beyond the 'Cast Iron Guarantees' and failed promises of a Referendum from the Lib/Lab/Con, to make such a promise.

But will you be able to trust them? As they have so far failed to deliver such promises in previous general electionss.

Lastly out of every crisis, greatly illustrated in Naomi Kleins book The Shock Doctrine a solution is always found, something that, without such a crisis, the solution would have been unheard of. Thus, my point is this, out of this financial crisis, fiscal and political union will emerge and this is the tool that the federalists will use to drive the final nails into the coffins of the free and democratic nation states of Europe.

A future which every free thinking individual should be greatly wary of.

Jake Baynes

UKIP Wells Association

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  • nilocsue  |  November 09 2012, 4:40PM

    A well argued and presented letter. Can but hope that it is widely read. Certainly takes the argument directly into the Liberal Democrat's love affair with a federal states of Europe, something they always have denied together with their desire to join the euro. Not fachionable noe but if up the the LD's they would have had the UK in the euro years ago. Check their General Election manifesto's. It should be remembered that the LD Part is itself a coalition of two parties that actually are not adjacent on the political spectrum. At least the old Liberal Party, which still exists, held clearly defined principles and values. Not something applicable to the coalition Socialist & Liberal Democrat Party. Formed by a few to con the many. Colin McNamee