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This man is wrong and wrong again

By Wells Journal  |  Posted: November 01, 2012

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How is it that one man can always get it wrong?

I refer to Graham Watson's letters in your October 18 and 25 editions. This is the man who supports spending £53 million per day on the EU, locking up Britons in former KGB jails without trial and now wishes to despoil our fair county with vast wind turbines and solar arrays. He also subscribes to the Goebbels school of propaganda – tell it often enough and it may be believed.

Firstly his October 18 letter. Has he not heard that every wind turbine needs to be backed up by regular power stations? That wind turbines and the likes of the 32 acre industrial solar array planned near Bodden are hugely inefficient and only make money if they receive massive subsidies (paid for by inflating our energy bills)?

That, according to Government figures, homes near wind turbines lose value by between 10-20 per cent? That many readers may suffer health problems from their proximity to wind turbines? That our tourist based tourism will suffer? (But German industry will benefit at our expense). That our wildlife will decline?

Graham Watson rails against fracking (which is making the USA one of the most energy rich nations in the world) on the grounds that it is unproven. But the medical effects of his favoured wind turbines are similarly unproven.

Maybe we are creating the next asbestos type problem with millions suing wind turbine companies and land owners as a result of long-term health damage. And what are the environmental consequences of dismantling all those solar panels and huge turbines in 25 years (or earlier if they fail)?

Then in his October 25 letter he repeats the untruth that 3.5 million jobs are dependent on trade with the EU. Our exports to the EU are declining (as the EU itself is declining as it falls more and more under nonsenses of the sclerotic EU bureaucracy). Britain's future lies with trade with the expanding economies of the world such as Brazil, India and China. And of course the USA remains our single largest market. The UK has always been a world player – not a Little European.

Latest research shows (Tim Congdon, former Government economic policy advisor in his "How Much Does the EU cost Britain?") that the total cost of EU membership to the average UK household was over £5,000 for 2011! That is more than many folk earned or received in pensions last year. Just think how taxation could be cut and services improved (yes both!) without that burden.

Thank goodness we are going to be able to vote out Graham Watson and his ilk in 2014 when UKIP looks set to take all of the MEP seats in the south west. UKIP alone amongst the major parties is committed to refusing wind turbines. And of course to get us out of the wretched EU which costs us dearly and is behind so many of our local and national problems.

Barry Harding

Chairman UKIP

Somerton & Frome

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  • nilocsue  |  November 09 2012, 4:28PM

    More than about Mr Watson, a republican no less, was challenged on his oft repeated and usually inaccurate views. Educational establishments need to be aware that under the 1948 Education Act they are obliged in law to ensure that their students received balanced views and that includes on politics. Regularly Sir Graham, that well known republican, is invited to schools and colleges to talk about the benefits of UK membership of the European Union (on its way to being a Federal States of Europe). Colleges need to ensure that other political parties are also invited to put their view and allow the students to challenge and debate the issues. The political sway of local teachers is ensuring that the UK Independence Party are not being invited. They are open to legal challenge.