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What was helicopter doing when UFO was spotted?

By Wells Journal  |  Posted: February 21, 2013

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We read with interest your report on the possible UFO sighting on Avalon Marshes by Annie Henderson.

The photographs are interesting. It is a shame that, as she states, she did not have a bigger, higher resolution lens with her at the time – we would like to have seen a closer view of the object.

What is of additional interest to us was the military helicopter activity taking place afterwards.

Are you aware that there was a Puma helicopter circling the area in question for some time during the morning of Thursday, February 14?

We were in Glastonbury that morning, and spotted the helicopter circling the area at about 1,500 feet for quite some time.

At this point we were unaware of the possible UFO report in your newspaper, and it was when we came across this that we became suspicious. In our experience, the presence of the military in these incidents points to one of the following:

1. that there is enough suspicion by them that the report is factual and they conduct a follow-up operation to establish evidence to support the claim and secure anything that may be present.

2. that the object in the photograph is of military origin, and has come into the area either by accident or design, and are there with the intention of retrieving it.

3. that the object is military, possibly experimental, of a high security classification and needs to be secured and retrieved before viewing by members of the public.

i would draw your attention to the well documented case in 1980 at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, when an unidentified craft came down in the woods close to RAF Bentwaters. The military activity in the area for three days after the incident was unprecedented to say the least, and the subsequent cover-up has gone down in UFO spotting history.

Paul and Avril Lydiate



See report on page 13.

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