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Taser threat PC rugby tackled

By Wells Journal  |  Posted: September 27, 2012

A man who ignored threats that he was going to be tasered by the police rugby tackled the officer to the ground during a disturbance in Wells city centre.

Lee Gorrin put his head down and charged towards him and while the pair were in a scuffle on the ground the taser was deployed.

The defendant continued to be abusive all the way to the police station and appeared in the dock before South Somerset Magistrates charged with public order.

Gorrin, aged 24, of Mary Street, Yeovil, pleaded guilty to using towards a police constable threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause him to believe that immediate violence would be used against him during the incident at Wells on July 26. Prosecutor Emma Chetland said police were called to the scene at 4.30pm following reports of two other men fighting.

"When the officers arrived they saw Gorrin stood in the middle of the road throwing stones at vehicles and gesticulating and swearing," she said.

"The officer walked the defendant away from the road to prevent an accident occurring but he started shouting and swearing at him and telling him to f*** off."

When Gorrin was about eight feet away the officer believed that he was about to be violent so pointed his taser at the defendant and told him to get to the floor but he did not comply.

Gorrin continued to shout and swear and clenched his fists and the officer requested assistance.

"Then, without warning, Gorrin put his head down and ran towards him and attempted to rugby tackle him to the floor and while they were on the ground the officer deployed his taser," added Miss Chetland.

The court was told that Gorrin was a heavy drinker consuming between three and nine litres of cider a day and had just become a father three days before the court hearing.

John Killah, defending, said the day before the incident occurred Gorrin and his pregnant partner had been living with her mother who had then kicked them out.

"As a result they were homeless and in a desperate situation and in times of crisis Gorrin resorts to drink and this is what happened," he said.

"Fortunately the police officer was not injured but there was no intent to cause injury because my client cannot remember anything about what happened and it could have been worse than it was.

"He has not drunk any alcohol for about three weeks now which is staggering given the problem he has."

Gorrin had now managed to find new accommodation in Yeovil and had never received any professional assistance with his alcohol problem before.

The magistrates sentenced him to a 12 month community order with requirements for supervision and to attend an alcohol rehabilitation programme and see an alcohol counsellor.

No order was made for any costs.

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