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Was Globe Carnival Club’s Headhunters cart ‘racist’?

By Wells Journal  |  Posted: December 07, 2013


Our letter writer thought this was 'belittling'

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MUST Wells continue to embarrass itself?

Fifteen years ago I came to this city as a child, and I was shocked to see not one but two Black and White Minstrel Show floats at my first carnival.

I know that Wells is a rather homogeneous community in many respects, but I honestly had not believed that anybody still felt that that kind of racial stereotyping was in any way appropriate.

Cue 2013, and on the very cover of the Journal you've chosen to depict a glorious shot of a wonderful float – which I'm certain everybody involved worked very hard on and are very proud of – with a head-hunters theme.

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This kind of racial reductionism is rude and belittling.

I'm sure nobody would think of making a "dog-eaters" float and cramming it with stereotypes and tired imagery from throughout Asia – but this is just as bad.

I spend enough of my time feeling embarrassed while white Wells makes itself look foolish in front of our miniscule minority communities.

I wish – truly and deeply – that the good, kind, clever people of Wells would take just a moment to reflect on the meaning and possible impact of their thoughts and actions every day, but especially during the carnival which is, after all, when Wells celebrates, is proud, and shows its true face.

Sophie Pollard


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